Javascript on your browser is not enabled. Dr. Ravi Gaur - ADMH Maharashtra Healthcare Excellence Summit & Awards

Dr Ravi Gaur, Principal Advisor, Spice Health, is a qualified onco-pathologist with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of Pathology and Healthcare Management.

He is former Director & Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee, Oncquest Laboratories Ltd

His core competencies include Pathology, Molecular Biology, Genomics, Immunology, personalized & precision medicine and evolving technologies.

He is a pioneer pathologist who has changed the trend of pathology practice in India by introducing many advanced assays and algorithms, POCs, Next-gen sequencing, flow cytometers, LCMS, bioinformatics, digital pathology and Integrated ICT (Information, Communications, Technology) systems in India.

He is an expert in establishing diagnostic chains, wellness centres, allied healthcare businesses, Hospital lab management, Bioinformatics, LIMS, software, M&A, Skill training centres, home care, mobile services, public-private partnership, COVID testing and kits, vaccination and public-private partnerships.

He has successfully established over 100 independent labs and 30 hospital labs across the country.

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